5 Keys to Event Marketing Success

December 8, 2017

These days, an event is no longer just about logistics. It’s now more about the promotion and how many people you reach. Gone are the days when we sent paper invitations by mail or even cold-called to get attendees – these efforts are often a waste of time and money. Successful events are now promoted online through data obtained on websites, landing pages, e-mailers and social channels.


Here are the 5 keys to successful event marketing:


1 – Establish goals

What exactly is your goal for creating this event, or participating in it? Is it to drive attendance or maybe gain clients for your business? You can’t call an event successful without setting goals, so make sure you set some. Set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound (S.M.A.R.T.)!


2 – Success metrics

Setting up metrics help guide your event towards success. Without road markers, i you were driving from point A to point B, how would you know that you’re going the right way or how far you’ve travelled? Metrics are the road markers that help ensure you are on the way towards accomplishing your goals.


3 – Roles and Responsibilities

Employing staff and delegating roles in event marketing is one of the most important way to ensure success. Placing responsibilities into capable, experienced hands will make or break your event. Experienced and qualified individuals will take ownership, ensuring metrics are consistently met. As digital marketing tools are constantly being updated, it’s worthwhile to invest in someone who is interested in keeping up to date. A caution though: placing responsibilities into inexperienced and incapable hands will lead to event chaos – make sure you invest time in getting to know your planning committee. There’s nothing worse than employing a staff member who only works with pen and paper when there are online tracking tools that are more efficient and that provide better results.


4 – Promotion

The growing trend for online promotion right now is influencers. Who are influencers? They are individuals who have a social media following of at least 1,000, their posts are well crafted, and they’ve created a niche community of people who are interested in what they post. The best way to reach a good number of people within a specific demographic is through influencer marketing. There are a few strategies on how to use influencer marketing to drive your event attendees, so make sure you utilize at least one of them!


5 – Review

Goal setting really only works when you set the time to review your efforts. An after-event review is key to assess how success was achieved or why things went wrong. This step is the easiest to forget, as once the event is over most people wrap up after counting the dollars or attendees. The most valuable aspect of event marketing is going over all the details to put together data for your next event. How can you aim to reach X goal for your 2018 event if you can’t find the results of your 2017 event? Using online tools to market your event makes the reviewing process easy, so make sure you utilize the analytics portion of each tool to get a breadth of data.

Although there are additional keys to successful event marketing, these have been highlighted as they are the most essential. One thing in event marketing hasn’t changed regardless of the online predominance in marketing: planning and people. These 5 keys to event marketing success revolve around ensuring you have planned properly and you have the right people in place.


Written by Maria Bernardo